Other Cool Stuff

Pictures and description of:

  • Satellite tool
  • AA Fixture
  • Parallel Sleeves
  • The large gear with Dad, Bob and Bill
  • Hydra

Hydra-FLEX® is a super elastic alloy that has twice the radial movement of a steel sleeve. This product is available in sizes up to 3″ in diameter.

Parallel Sleeve is a interchangeable detail for a chuck or arbor that allows you to handle a family of parts and still hold excellent tolerances.

The fixture pictured below requires the part to be hydraulic centered and then mechanically clamped in position for machining. (Insert pic of North Amer Fuel Sys)

The fixture below positioned the slip yoke in proper orientation to allow the critical diameters and face to be machined. The fixture has parallal sleeve cartridge allowing for quick change over from one size part to another.

We also fixture the weld yokes. (Insert fixture pic)